25 Sep 2015

Organising my boardgames: Lords of Waterdeep

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Moving on to the second sorted out game on my game shelf and one of my favourite games we have Lords of Waterdeep. Now this game originally came with an insert specifically made with organisation in mind. Every player piece had its place, same with the cards, buildings, resources and so forth. The insert even made sure the game board sat snugly inside, making sure to keep all the game components in place, however there were two issues with the original game set-up that made me abandon it. Firstly the game lid was so narrow it would not stay in place if the game didn't sit horizontally, meaning I had to tie something around the box before packing it whenever I took it somewhere, also the game had absolutely no room for an expansion, so when I added the expansion to my collection, the original game box and insert simply had to go.

22 Sep 2015

Organising my boardgames: Bora Bora

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Starting off my segment of showing off my organising solution for various games is probably one of my more interesting solutions. When I kicked off this thing, my intention was to mainly box up the resources that you needed in the game and not really anything that was key to the game's set-up. With Bora Bora this originally meant only a few components initially made it into a box, but then I started rethinking the system a bit to see if there wasn't one more way to tweak it. Turns out there is.

21 Sep 2015

Organising my boardgames

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Over a year ago I posted about how I had made my own big box solution for Catan. Since then (in fact in the past week or so) I've gotten into somewhat of an organising craze. I've been going through most of the games in my collection and figured out ways to not only keep the components separate and tidy, but also significantly reducing set-up and clean-up time needed for the games in question.